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I’ve heard reports that Fifa have cleared the GFA of all charges relating to financial breaches in the Kwesi Nyantakyi years.
A few facts:
– Fifa have a website, where EVERY serious official communication is placed. If the said report, put out by Ghanasoccernet, is true, trust that Fifa will publish it.
As we speak, no report of the kind is available on the Fifa Governance section.
– It is worth mentioning that Ghanasoccernet is a pro-Nyantakyi website. When weighing the gravity and style of reporting, it is important to note the source.
– Because of my recent experience in reporting news on Fifa/Normalization Committee, I would wait for an official statement before publishing on myjoyonline or on Joy FM or JoyNews on TV.
– Assuming the report is true, it will not be a surprise, because of the following:
The Nyantakyi administration was never at risk of being found guilty by auditors, anyway. Why?
The Nyantakyi administration, in recent years, have always said that they are not corrupt due to the fact that their accounts are audited annually by KPMG. The firm have consistently given the GFA a clean bill of health every year since 2005 when Nyantakyi came into office.
In fact, if you recall, Mr Nyantakyi had always said that if anyone could PROVE that he was corrupt, they should come forward. He knew that when it came to official documentation and procedure, he was always clean.
And that much, is true. His paperwork was impeccable.
There is something we must remember, however.
Mr Nyantakyi was NOT banned for life by life because of corruption or because of breach of finances.
He was banned due to ethics breaches.
These two are very different things altogether.
– Gary.
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