Disqualified parliamentary aspirant Albert Nyakotey’s posture is bringing Yilo Krobo NDC into disrepute – Team Ologo raises alarm



We have followed with keen interest the attitudes of one of the aspiring Parliamentary candidate in the person of Albert Nyarkotey who has been disqualified from the race due to his inability to meet some of the stated qualification requirement. His attitude and conduct in recent time is bringing the great Party into disrepute.

Albert Nyarkotey as stated earlier has been domicile at Adenta for all his life and under no circumstance has he contributed both in kind and in cash for any party activity within the Constituency. He only surfaced in the Constituency somewhere late 2018.

We want to draw the attention of the National Executive Committee of the Party about the conduct of Albert Nyarkotey that is derailing the peace and the progress the party.

He organized a press conference at Somanya yesterday accusing the Regional and National Chairmen of being behind his woes.

Our investigations revealed that he sent *Ansah Akunor who happened to be the Deputy Constituency Organizer and Emmanuel Okrah who is also the communication Officer* to deceive some branch Chairman that they needed their signatures for something official at the Party office. We are therefore accusing both Akunor and Albert of:

Forging the signature of some branch executive members who travelled as of the time the said letters were purported to have been signed and this is criminal per the laws of the land
Akunor has misrepresented and mislead most of the branch executive members that he was sent by the Constituency Chairman.

On this note, we are therefore calling on the National executives to cogently take keen interest and investigate the authenticity of the release.

We the extremely majority of the party in the constituency will not allow the values and the tenant of the party to be exchanged for self gains. Attach is a copy of the presser for an easy perusal.


Source: sharpnewsgh.com

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